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IKF California Trainer


  • "Unacceptable and Unjustified" rude or disrespectful behavior of ANY kind by a Cornerman working an IKF Sanctioned event will result in a

  • Minimum fine of $250.0 up to $2,500.00 and a minimum Suspension of 3 Months up to INDEFINITELY!


  • In addition, if such a violation occurs, the IKF has the right to suspend the Cornerman from working as a cornerman for up to 12 months in ANY FIGHT SPORT event worldwide.

  • If such a suspension is given and the Cornerman continues to work a fighters corner while under suspension, they will be banned from any role on any future IKF Event INDEFINITELY as a Cornerman as well as a fighter.

California SUSPENDED Trainers

--Fight Gyms--

  • Team Hill Training Center are SUSPENDED from the IKF PKB/PMT semi contact sparring events and IKF Full Contact Events across the country until further notice but for no less than 60 Days from the date of the event of April 22nd 2023. We are deeming their actions on the aforementioned date a Public Safety Matter.






  • Raymond Elizarraras (Orange, California, USA): INDEFINITE SUSPENSION UNTIL FINE PAID TO PROMOTER.                                    Raymond Elizarraras and his fighter Jose Trujillo fought on July 13th, 2019 - Ontario, CA while under a dropped bout suspension for pulling off of the June 7th, 2019, Anaheim, CA / IFS Event claiming he was unaware of his fighter's opponents MMA record. Although several e-mails between the promoter and fighters camp shows all records were disclosed and agreed upon. On 6-5-19 Fighter Jose Trujillo & his Trainer Raymond Elizarraras APPROVED this match-up since the fight records were noted in the Pre-Bout Listings. Due to this, Jose Trujillo AND HIS Trainer Raymond Elizarraras had been given a 60 Day DROPPED BOUT SUSPENSION Until AUGUST 7th, 2019. However, although KNOWING he and his fighter were both under a "Time" Suspension, he and his fighter still fought on the event. Both still owe a $150.00 Dropped Bout Suspensions fine due to the event Promoter they let down, Mr. Shawn Shilati. Both Fighter and Trainer must pay their fines in total to be released from this Indefinite Suspension.







  • Bryce Krause (Newport Beach, California, USA): Bryce Krause conducted himself in an Unacceptable and Unjustified manner with IKF OFFICALS, and acted abusively toward his fighter. This will not be tolerated. He has been issued a minimum of 3 months suspension until February 10th, 2023.
















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