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IKF California Fighters SUSPENSIONS


  • Jose Alfonso Alcocer, Santa Ana, California, USA: Jose Alfonso Alcocer and his opponent were both over weight for an IKF & IFS Title Bout. August 19th, 2021 - Anaheim, CA:  Each has been fined half of the title fees that are due to the event promoter before they fight again: $200.00.










  • Lequan Jasmine (Lynwood, California, USA): Lequan Jasmine was issued indefinite no training, no competition Medical Suspension due to post bout evaluation by Dr. Gary Furness M.D. Immediately following the completion of round 3, Mr. Jasmine was exhibiting confusion, was disoriented, and expressed loss of memory. After much convincing by and between Dr. Furness and Lequan’s coach, Mr. Jasmine finally agreed and was transported by ambulance to Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Burbank, CA. for further evaluation. Mr. Jasmines coach, Joe Lee reported that Mr. Jasmine had been examined externally by a physician at VP Hospital and released. No other scans, blood work or examinations were completed to the best of his knowledge. 




  • Branden Perez (San Jose, California, USA): Branden Perez was issued a 45-day Automatic No Competition Medical Suspension due to not attending Weigh ins until October 5, 2022. To avoid a 1-year suspension and possible **Fines, Fighter must provide a Doctor note explaining the injury that fighter might have or had and the Fighter was unable to compete on the event date. Once attained, this Doctors letter need to be sent out via email to the IKF at


  • Rey Reyes (North Hollywood, California, USA): Reynaldo “Rey” Reyes was issued a 180 day no training and 180 day no competition Medical Suspension- until December 15th , 2022 by Dr. Mitch Jelen M.D, due to a Broken Nose needs to be cleared by MD or DO, Sent to ER-Self Transportation, put on Ins.



  • Marcel Warren (Antioch, California, USA): NO SHOW ON WEST COAST ELITE 6 (FEBRUARY 5th, 2022) INDEFINITE SUSPENSION.

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